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Dehydrated red bell pepper

Market Information Update for Bell Pepper

As we all know, compared with last year, the planting field of bell pepper in 2014 has reduced by 30%. Plus the fact that remaining inventory of previous crop, there is no doubt to believe that the price will be higher than 2013 crop. However, according to the latest market information of bell pepper, the price of dehydrated red bell pepper has begun to drop, which is beyond our expectation.


With comprehensive analysis, we find the reason is that most suppliers in China are in shortage of capital due to the fact that many clients abroad have not purchased finished products for a long while, this situation is mainly caused by weakness of Euro en Europe and price acceptance problem in US by the final customers, plus the accumulation of stocks by the biggest buyers of the sector last year while the dehydrated bell peppers’ price was still low. Besides, this year is coming to end and it is time for paying loans, which leads to more stress and pressure for Chinese suppliers. So they have no choice but lower the price of bell pepper to maintain their capital chain in function.


Recently the dehydrated bell pepper market starts to move as consequence of the lower price and customers’ inventory is being consumed. It is a good sign of bell pepper market reestablishing its normal activity level, and reducing pressure of both sides.