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bell pepper market report

Now the market is clear for new crop Bell Pepper. After we collect the market information, we want to send you market report:
  1. RBP 2012 crop ex Inner Mongolia: about 6000mt is produced
  2. RBP 2011 crop: about 2000mt is available. Among this quantity, more than 500mt has been sold out.
  3. RBP 2012 from other area like Gansu, Xinjiang: about 1000mt

So the total quantity is 9000-10000mt, which is much less than the quantity of last crop. We think the total volume of last crop is about 15000mt.


So it is clear there is a shortage this year. But one thing is different with last crop is: at same period of last year, the inventory of customers in Europe and US is almost empty. But in this year, based on our information, the inventory will be about 2000-4000mt. Some customers tell me they can wait until end of this year.

Meantime, the demand from Europe is weak due to financial crisis.

So we think although the quantity of new crop is much less than last year, there still will be a balance demand/supply this year. We think the market trend will be rather stable in this year. We do not think there will be big increase of decrease in the future.

My prediction is: as the price gap between 2011 crop and 2012 crop RBP is still big, meantime, the quality of 2011 crop is still acceptable, we think most customer will buy the 2011 crop RBP at first. After the old crop being finished, then they will switch to new crop.