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2014 Bell Pepper Crop Market Report

Market Report  Of Red/Green Bell Pepper Sep 2014 

         Recently, the 2014 crop Red/Green bell pepper has just arrived our factory, the market evolution of these two products is interesting this year, since in previous years, price evolution of both products are quite similar, but this year the price behavior of both products takes two different extremes.

         For Red Bell Pepper, the total planting field has reduced about 30% if we compare with last year’s plating area, in consequence total output of Red Bell Pepper will be much less than last crop. We estimate an approximate quantity of 10000MT, since last crop there were about 13000MT, it means near 23% output reduction, plus the remaining inventory of 2013 crop is between 1000-1500MT , which translated to actual price it is 25-30% higher than last year. We also think that actual price is unreasonable high, and in the future this will drop a bit, but our estimation is that the final price of Red Bell Pepper this year will be 15-20% higher than last crop’s price.

         In the case of Green Bell Pepper, we calculate this year’s output will be near 1500-2000MT including Shanxi and Inner Mongolia as planting area, the remaining inventory of 2013 crop is quite few, so the price should be raising right now. But due to the 2014 crop Green Bell Peppers harvesting has arrived late by a month, plus the weak demand of Green Bell Pepper from customers, the actual market has difficulties to absorb 2014 crop in such short period of time, both factors together causes actual extremely low price of AD Green Bell Pepper. But since the 2014 output is quite limited if we compare the data with previous years, we believe the Green Bell Pepper price will go up in a few months.

         In conclusion, the average price of Red Bell Pepper will be higher than last year, since for Green Bell Pepper, we think now is a good time to place some purchase orders.