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bell pepper market report

  1. Market situation of Bell Pepper:

When I traveled to Inner Mongolia early this month, most people predicted the total volume of this year would be much bigger than before – about 15,000mt will be available. But from the situation of recent days, the situation is not as optimistic as before. The reason is:

  1. After the first harvest, the fruits on trees are much reduced. But normally there should be 3 harvests.
  2. Price of raw material was quite high in recent 10 days – from the beginning RMB600/mt to current RMB840/mt.
  3. More factories stop the production earlier than usual because they have concern – production cost is high but

Selling price is not so good.

So just from 3 days ago, the price of Bell Pepper is increased by USD150-200/mt. Now more plants prefer to keep the goods for a better price in the future, rather than selling it at present.

Our prediction is: although the total volume is less than expected, it is still enough for demand. We think in this

Year about 12,000-13,000mt Bell Pepper will be produced. Meantime, most customers still do not want to place big order at present. From the side of China, most factories want even hold the Bell Pepper for next year because they think price of next crop should be higher. So we think this year it should be a stable market. The increase or decrease will not be too big. But for short term, due to speculation in China, the price will be increased by a bit.