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Shanghai Richfield, Approved Supplier for Heinz

Recently, our facility Shandong Richfield has been inspected by Heinz, one of the largest multinationals in this sector. During the inspection, the main issues inspected are HACCP plan, GMP, SSOP, transport and storage, traceability and other social requirements, as well as our dehydrated bell pepper workshop, dehydrated garlic workshop, raw material storage place and finished products storage room.

During the inspection, the inspector viewed our processing line with dehydrated red bell pepper flakes in process, our foreign material control equipments are highly valued by inspector, several constructive suggestions were proposed during inspection and applied weeks after inspection. The inspector also tested our metal detector with testing bars with perfectly favorable results.

At the end we were successfully approved and qualified. We will go on making continuous improvement to reach our quality of our freeze dried and dehydrated products like mushroom slice, garlic dices, asparagus tips, bell pepper flakes, bell pepper granules and other key items to a higher level.