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Shanghai Richfield wants to be one of the most reliable supplier in China for dehydrated and freeze dried products. We will take continuous improvement to meet with the increasingly strict demand for food safety and high quality.

Due to the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), our factories Shandong Richfield Foodstuffs Industry Co., Ltd and Xuzhou Richfield Foodstuffs Industry Co., Ltd were inspected by FDA’s officer a few weeks ago (from March 31 to April 4), below you can find the guidance of the ALERT concept provided by FDA’s officer.

Based on many years of experiences in Food Safety and Quality control, improvements after each 3rd part audition and 2nd part auditions by agencies, multinational companies, customers and partners; our HACCP program, SSOP program, GMP program are fully verified by FDA’s officer, including the recall procedure, traceability system…etc. Many of the records and documents were reviewed and approved. After 4 days of intense labor with the FDA’s officer, we passed the inspection with only a few observations outside of the processing area. In the mean time, corrective actions were taken immediately after FDA’s officer’s observation, our QA team paid serious attention to the observations made, specially some new concerns of the pest control area were revealed by FDA’s officer, which means new skills learned from this inspection to guarantee the continues improvement of our Food Safety control.

We would like to thank the co-operation and advices provided by our customers, partners…etc during the past years regarding the Food Safety in our facility, helping us to reach the ultimate goal, to be the most reliable supplier.


Leo Jin

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